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  2. French tradition art of stylish dressing If you always dreamed of being as a famous in Paris, It found easier. another day, Delta will launch its first without layovers flight from Pittsburgh to Paris. when you are, render your fannypack, Big white shoes and Bart Simpson Tshirt behind. Paris is a city that values style over comfort and probably is most with regard to the Ugly American moniker. that needs to be fair, We accumulated it. You don see Parisians wandering in sloppy sweats, Toting a water bottle along with baseball cap. wednesday Dieu! what you would see is an endless parade of very chic people, All ages and all colors but just about whatever one slim size. Why do the French look so distinctive from their visitors from other countries? more to the point, What is best to know so you don look like a yinzer? We asked always bestdressed art dealer Melanie Werner for her applying for grants French style. milliseconds. Werner has a building in Paris, Where she goes to find artwork for Galerie Werner, Her galleries in Shadyside and Sewickley that focus on European works. "For both women and men, It all about the aesthetic there, she says. "The main aim is on design. Parisians take pleasure in beautiful things. It ingrained in their sensibility. Beautiful structures, Beautiful prints, charming food, beautiful women. The whole culture is really connected to aesthetics, So gucci Handbags outlet what are her findings on the art of French dressing? they're buying simple but quality classics and will update to the trendy but just minimally. They never overdo the general trends. just a few pieces. Scarves of all colors, the iron, Textures and fabrics are worn as an item yearround. The for women who live such low necklines they need something on their neck to keep them warm. But they never bundled up to your neck. They never wear shorts. And never a track shoe unless it a Gucci or Dior so it will look more like a shoe than a sneaker. There is a misconception that French women wear luxury brands all the time. that doesn't true. If you look in the businesses, It mostly outsiders who are buying the expensive designer wares. Hair and makeup are more naturallooking and much simpler. They wear a lot of boots, Even a lightcolored boot during the summer because, in addition to the a few weeks, it happens to be cool. So it would not be uncommon to wear a lightcolored boot tan, light or beige. One of the reasons is they wear a lot of skirts and dresses, that they prefer over slacks. They wear an excellent set of boots with a simple black skirt. Even for traditional, Tops and blouses are formfitting and sexy. They don depend on turtlenecks or chunky sweaters. It by pointing out silhouette. jewels are more of an AngloSaxon concept. For the french, It not regarding the earring, It about the neckline and drawing the eye there. While earrings could minimal, The necklace will be bold and dramatic. They don buy wholesale handbags the way we do. That why the Hermes bag is so time honored. It often offered from mother to daughter, which it, That the bag may for life. the way in which, The clothes are much better quality for the money. You finding a better product. They expect more quality and expect it to keep going longer. they purchase better quality, they buy less and they keep it. French women have very tiny closets. merely don gear up on the trends the way we do. I take hardly any clothes with me when I go because it doesn matter the way it does in the usa. And they chuck out clothes, drive them to shops called Depot Vent, art shops. The cut of the garments in France is more narrow. Even who find themselves heavier or have funky shapes still wear formfitting clothes. the most suitable Bank is very dressy, specially in the nice boutiques. you don't walk into a store not dressed up. as soon work out, They change in the club. To wear a workout outfit on the street is almost incomprehensive. a regular French look? maker jeans with great boots and a designer label jacket, Dolce and Gabbana or some great name. I don think they more a casual, I think they saucier. It just trendy more. I think I much more orthodox here than I am over there. 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It was developed by Karen Wilkinson, An Exploratorium staff member. The artists' works will be on display at the museum for five months, As probably will the "Clothesline business, may feature wearable art made by visitors.